Kris Allen Talks Marriage

May 22, 2009 6:13 pm
Kris and Katy Allen

Kris and Katy Allen

It’s no secret winning “American Idol” would change your life for forever; as season 8 “American Idol” winner Kris Allen learned his life will never be ‘normal’ again. The Idol winner has recently spoke up about how he manages life; and considering he has to juggle an emerging music career, a marriage, and a family there’s no doubt what he is doing must be right!

Kris explains he maintains his marriage by talking to his “…wife [Katy Allen] everyday, [adding] she would kill me if I didn’t. I try to keep in touch with my family as much as possible.”

Yet, may it be that post-Idol managing marriage is easier? It may be as Kris also revealed after winning he is eager to embrace married life with Katy, explaining “we haven’t been able to be married for the last nine months…she’s amazing. She’s just the coolest chick in the world. Hopefully, me and my wife will get to spend some more time together.”

We hope so too!