Leona Lewis’ New Hit of her Second Album, “Happy”.

September 19, 2009 4:41 pm

Two years ago, Leona Lewis exploded on an international level with her uber-smash “Bleeding Love.” The follow-up single “Better In Time” was also a hit, and helped propel her debut album to sales of almost 7 million copies, worldwide.

Her second album Echo is due in November, and the lead single is called “Happy.”

So….is “Happy” an ‘echo’ of her earlier work? Well, yes and no. Leona has re-teamed with Ryan Tedder, who wrote and produced “Bleeding Love,” and the result is familiar, but certainly not a carbon copy. There are moments in the second half of this single where Ms. Lewis’s vocals are reminiscent of early Mariah Carey, and that is certainly a compliment.

Bottom line: sounds like another hit to my ears.

What’s your take?