American Idol Top 12 Boys Perform

February 25, 2010 8:49 pm

After Simon’s bold statement last week that the girls are stronger on this year’s “Idol”, the pressure was on the Top 12 boys to prove him wrong as they competed live against each other last night.  Sadly, it seems Simon was right.  Most of the performances were average, a few were borderline disastrous, and only about four of them were really strong enough to care about.  So, let’s get to the reviews:

CASEY JAMES : “Heaven” - Casey was the only guy that I would’ve wanted to sign to a record deal on the spot last night.  He’s a total star and really has it all: talent, looks, personality, and voice.  And with the right songs, there’s no doubt he could sell records.  For his sake, I hope the show moves away from the focus on the Kara/cougar story and allows the women at home to nurture their own crushes.  My mom, for one, told me she couldn’t stop smiling the whole time he was singing.   Grade: A-

LEE DeWYZE : “Chasing Cars” – What are we going to do without Simon next year?  The other three judges voiced disappointment in Lee’s gritty take on the Snow Patrol hit, but Simon, in all of his wisdom, stepped in and pointed out that it was the best performance of the night (up to that point).  Randy was strangely fixated on the fact that Lee did not do a Kings of Leon song and refused to let it go.  I look forward to hearing more from this guy.  Grade: B

AARON KELLY : “Here Comes Goodbye” – This definitely was the pleasant surprise of the night for me.  16 year-old Aaron chose a song from the country genre, a format which fit him perfectly, and delivered a passionate version of the Rascal Flatts tune.  If Aaron can continue to remember all of his lyrics and hit those impressive high notes, I think we’ll see his confidence grow, and most likely find him in the Top 10.  Grade: B

ANDREW GARCIA“Sugar, We’re Going Down” – Heading into tonight’s show, Andrew was far and away my favorite male singer, based primarily on his charming revamp of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”  But Simon said it best when he noted that Andrew was the biggest disappointment of the night.  He’ll need another magical moment soon, because the goodwill of “Straight Up” will not carry him forever.  Grade: B-

TYLER GRADY : American Woman At this point he’s certainly style over substance, but at least he’s somewhat memorable.  Tyler knows how to work the Mick Jagger swagger on stage, but he needs to pick more modern songs and then give them his retro rock spin.  Grade: C

JOE MUNOZ : “You And I Both” – Not a bad singer, but Joe just isn’t a star.  This safe performance was pretty forgettable, for the most part.  Grade: C

TODRICK HALL : “Since U Been Gone” – You gotta hand it to the guy for taking a risk with his radical rearrangement of the Kelly Clarkson smash, but the risk did not pay off.  I think Todrick is actually very talented, so if he takes the judges advice, I think we will see much better from him in the coming weeks…if he makes it through.  Grade: C

MICHAEL LYNCHE : “This Love” – I’ve never been on the Big Mike train, and last night provided me no reason to buy a ticket.  At this point, he’s nothing more than a backstory, and his personality isn’t going to be enough to keep him going in this competition.  Grade: C-

: “Get Here” – First of all, this is a really tired song that I wish the show would just retire already.  But much worse was Jermaine’s shrieky delivery of this normally quiet song.  Simon said that he’d totally blown it.  He might be right.  Grade: D

JOHN PARK : “God Bless the Child” – John was another huge disappointment for me, as I was really quite taken with Shania’s guy during his initial audition.  But last night’s performance was boring, sleepy, and actually quite bizarre.  Grade: D

TIM URBAN : “Apologize” – When Ryan first announced that Tim had chosen this OneRepublic song, I cringed a little, remembering how many times I’ve heard singers botch the high notes in this tune.  He should never try falsetto again, but if this cutie does get the chance, it will only be from the result of the busy, dialing fingers of love-struck teen and pre-teen girls who aren’t listening to his voice.  Grade: D

ALEX LAMBERT : “Wonderful World” – The only thing worth mentioning here is my fascination with his Carol Brady-inspired shag haircut, complete with flip in the back.  If I were to dissect Alex’s singing and stage presence, it would just get too ugly and sad.  Grade: D-

Who is going home tonight?  Hopefully, Alex Lambert and Tim Urban, although there are several that could vanish and not be missed.  If you’re like me, you’re probably wishing the next three weeks would pass very quickly, as that’s how long it will take to weed out all the guys who have absolutely zero percent chance of being the next American Idol.

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