Review: First Results of the Season!

February 26, 2010 1:31 pm

And then there were 20. “American Idol” said goodbye to four contestants last night, and although a couple of exits may have been a tad premature, I don’t think any of them were headed for the Top 10. Retro-rocker Tyler Grady was the singer I most would’ve liked to have seen again, but when he basically blamed the judges for his elimination, I didn’t feel too sorry for him. Janell Wheeler was probably shown the door a little too soon as well, but she handled her farewell very gracefully. Joe Munoz and Ashley Rodriguez were also sent packing, but weren’t even fully on my radar to begin with. Here are a few more random thoughts from the elimination episode:

* The show once again returned to two of my least favorite things: The lip-synched group number, and the baffling tradition of getting encore performances from contestants who’ve just been informed that America never wants to hear them sing again.

* Kara has a goodlooking husband…why is the newlywed so obsessed with Casey James??

* Kris Allen sounded great. I hope his album picks up steam and is eventually certified gold…he’s a powerful singer and a nice guy, to boot!

So, what did you think? Sad to see any of the booted contestants go? And who is your