Review: Top 10 Boys Perform!

March 3, 2010 1:01 pm

After last week’s dismal showing, the pressure was really on the guys to step things up and prove to the naysayers that this year’s crop does indeed contain some real talent. And while there’s no doubt that last night’s performances were by-and-large a dramatic improvement over the previous week, I’m still not feeling that an obvious STAR has emerged from this bunch…yet. So let’s get to the reviews, starting with the best of the evening:

LEE DeWYZE – Lips of an Angel – There couldn’t have been a more perfect song for the former paint salesman from Illinois. His vocals might not be on par with previous rockers David Cook and Chris Daughtry, but as Mr. DeWyze’s confidence level (hopefully) improves, I think there are even better weeks ahead for this guy. Plus, he’s got a winning name. Grade: A-

MICHAEL LYNCHE - It’s a Man’s World – Okay, for the very first time I finally understood what people have been seeing in Big Mike. The much more soulful song selection perfectly suited him and earned a standing ovation from Randy Jackson. Grade: B

CASEY JAMES - I Don’t Wanna Be – Never having watched “Idol” before may make Casey seem cooler, but it certainly didn’t help his song choice this week. Better vocalists have performed the done-to-death Gavin DeGraw hit, although I admit that Casey’s electric guitar work was pretty impressive. Still, in the long run I think that the more intimate acoustic numbers will serve this heartthrob better. Grade: B

ALEX LAMBERT – Everybody Knows – In the taped interview, I was once again transfixed by Alex’s mullet and additionally became concerned for his sanity after hearing about his imaginary childhood language. But the “Most Improved” award goes to Alex this week, who was a bit more relaxed and delivered rock-solid vocals in places. If he ever gets around to choosing a familiar hit song, this kid might be one to watch. Grade: B

AARON KELLY – My Girl – I was really disappointed that Aaron didn’t stick with the country genre this week…it actually makes him a little more distinctive. A worn-out song selection didn’t help matters either, but Aaron does remain one of the stronger singers in the competition. Grade: B-

ANDREW GARCIA - You Give Me Something – As the memory of Andrew’s magical interpretation of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” continues to recede further and further into the background, I find it hard to keep considering this likable singer as a serious contender for the throne. Grade: C

TIM URBAN – Come On Get Higher – Tim wisely brought out the guitar and hit the bullseye by picking this Matt Nathanson song that presented no real vocal challenges for the pretty boy. Huge improvement over last week. Grade: C

JOHN PARK – Gravity – Although John’s vocals were worlds better, he once again picked a sleepy, boring song and displayed no star presence whatsoever. Forgettable. Grade: C

TODRICK HALL – What’s Love Got To Do With It – Todrick is just bound and determined to make well-known songs almost unrecognizable with his stylistic overhauls. Even though this show regularly rewards contestants with original arrangements, Todrick keeps missing the mark. Grade: C

JERMAINE SELLERS – What’s Goin’ On – Bow tie? Check. Onesie? Check. Sassy, neck-popping attitude? Check. Unappealing vocal tone? Check. Declaration of God-fearing ways as a means to safety? Yep, I’m done with this one. Grade: D

Who’s going home tomorrow night? I’d like to say farewell to Jermaine Sellers and Todrick Hall, but I wouldn’t miss John Park either.

What do you think is Crystal Bowersox’s “medical issue”? Will she be released from the hospital in time for tonight’s performance? So much mystery and drama!

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