Review: Bye-bye Didi

April 1, 2010 11:14 am

Although I had predicted that Didi Benami would make her first Bottom 3 appearance this week, I didn’t expect the emotionally fragile 23 year-old to be shown the door just yet.  And yet Katie Stevens and Teflon Tim Urban (whose new nickname should be “Nine Lives”) were returned to safety, leaving Ms. Benami to revisit her season-best “Rhiannon” in the hopes of earning the Judges’ Save.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, leaving the Top 9 contestants to duke it out over the Lennon/McCartney songbook for next week’s show.

Didi was never one of my favorite singers, but if things were left up to me, she certainly would’ve outlasted Katie, Tim, and Andrew Garcia.  However, her intensely passionate feelings seemed to be getting the best of her, so perhaps things worked out exactly as they should have.  Here are a few other random observations from last night:

*  The show’s opening footage that mixed excerpts from American Idol with scenes from the upcoming movie Clash of the Titans was not only the most crass example of an attempted corporate tie-in that I’ve ever witnessed, it didn’t even fully make sense.

*  You heard it from Andrew’s mother: “Mama raised him right.”  Hmm…I wonder what Mama thinks of the giant tattoo on her son’s neck?

*  By now, why haven’t the show’s producers just flat-out ordered Ryan and Simon to stop with the bickering?  I’ve yet to talk to a single person who is entertained by the tension and aggression.

*  I love the Beatles…so why am I not even vaguely excited about hearing Lennon/McCartney songs next week?  Does this feel like a tired theme to you as well?

*  I was happy to hear that Ruben Studdard is now a vegan.  I was happy to hear that Ruben is working out every day.  I was not happy to hear Ruben’s new song.

*  Big Mike had a pink rat tail glued to the back of his head. This is a thing now?  Am I that out of touch?

*  Usher is much better at dancing than singing.

*  First he was Puff Daddy.  Then he was P. Diddy.  Then, simply Diddy.  Now, he’s Diddy – Dirty Money?  Am I getting this right?

What did you think?  Was Didi eliminated too soon?  What are your opinions on the new songs from Usher and Diddy – Dirty Money?  Would you have rather heard Ruben Studdard’s latest single or a group number from the Idols?  Sound off below!