Review: And Then There Were 9 … Again!

April 8, 2010 11:06 am

At the top of the show, Ryan declared “Prepare yourself for a surprise or two…we have some shocking results tonight.”  To which my friend Karissa Noel responds “You don’t announce that there’s a big shock coming…it’s like telling everyone that you’re about to say something funny.”  She has a great point, because as soon I saw Michael Lynche standing in the same group with Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly, I immediately knew that was the Bottom 3 and that Big Mike was going to be shown the door.

Ahh, but he wasn’t sent home!  The judges decided to use their only Save and bring Michael back for another chance next week after he reprised his pitch-perfect rendition of This Woman’s Work as his tearful wife cheered him on from the audience.  Although I’m not a fan, there’s no denying that his stay of execution was well-earned.  But I do have one request for the future: can we do away with all the chest beating?  And by “we” I mean Big Mike.

Here are few more random observations from last night:

*  I was actually pretty impressed with Jason DeRulo.  Although his vocals weren’t among the very best to grace an “Idol” telecast, I was highly entertained by his stage show.  Between all the dancing and the splits and the throwing and catching of the microphone, I decided that this young man with the very prickly jacket is a good signing for Kara DioGuardi’s record label.

*  Rihanna, on the other hand, was pretty much a debacle.  As if it weren’t bad enough that so many of her vocal sections were pre-taped, she didn’t even bother trying to lip synch to them!  My friend Emily Mackay said it best: “Lazy.”

*  David Archuleta….still licking his lips during performances…still looking all of 12 years old…and still sounding pretty extraordinary.  His version of “Imagine” remains one of the show’s highlights from all nine seasons.

*  I think I’m finally starting to crack under the pressure of the “Idol” advertisers because I actually enjoyed the contestants’ Ford commercial this week.  Or maybe I’m just a sucker for kaleidoscopes.

*  Next week’s guest mentor is Adam Lambert.  There’s been some grumbling on the blogs over this announcement, coming from those who feel that Adam doesn’t have enough experience to properly advise these singers.  I disagree.  If it’s the goal of every contestant to make it all the way to the finale and then release a successful record, who better to guide them than a former finalist with a gold album and a hit single under his belt?  And for anyone who feels that excitement is missing from this season of “Idol,” maybe the guy that provided the most electricity last year is just what the show needs.

What did you think?  Were you glad the judges saved Big Mike?  What’s your opinion of Adam Lambert as guest mentor?  Sound off below with a comment!