Review: Sayonara Siobhan

April 29, 2010 2:06 pm

The highly-touted “Girls Year” has now turned into “The Year of the Girl,” as the elimination of Siobhan Magnus leaves lone female Crystal Bowersox to duke it out with four guys.  The 20 year-old glassblower is now preparing for her return home to Cape Cod, although who’s to say she won’t be boarding a spaceship instead?  My friend Marc Nathan has suspected all along that Siobhan might be one of the aliens from the television show “V.”

The Top 5 are now preparing for next week’s Songs Of Sinatra, under the watchful eye of guest mentor Harry Connick, Jr.   I have a feeling that the theme places the already-vulnerable Casey James (in the Bottom 2 again) at a distinct disadvantage, but this season certainly has a reputation as one where anything can happen.  Big Mike rounded out last night’s Bottom 3, but for some reason I can already picture him wearing a Frank Sinatra fedora and crooning one of those Rat Pack classics.

Here are a few other random thoughts and observations from the results show:

*  Some of the top acts in country music took to the stage last night, including Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, and…Shakira?  The latin belly dancer/singer’s presence made no sense to me initially, but with the help of Rascal Flatts, her song “Gypsy” ended up fitting in quite nicely.

*  Sons of Sylvia are the opening act on Carrie Underwood’s tour and they are certainly worth keeping an eye on. Their song “Love Left To Lose” sounded like a hit to my ears, but here’s my question: what radio format?  They seemed a little too goth to be a country act, but I imagine their dark attire and the possessed/intense gaze of the lead singer might be appealing to fans of the “Twilight” craze.

*  Speaking of vampires, what was up with that Ford music video?  Expect their convertible sales to plummet as consumers give in to their fears of being attacked by violent, ruthless bloodsuckers like Aaron Kelly.

*  Sorry Adam Lambert, but my award for  2010’s Best Live Performance on the Idol Stage now goes to Lady Antebellum.  They sounded phenomenal, had great stage presence, and proved that they deserved all of their recent Grammy and CMA Awards.  Plus, my friend Lee Williams says that lead singer Hillary Scott reminds him of a more grounded version of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.  Much more grounded.

What did you think of last night’s show?  Were you surprised by Siobhan’s exit?  Who will likely be the next to go? Sound off below with a comment!