Review: Adios Aaron

May 6, 2010 1:37 pm

Although I predicted that Casey James was going to be eliminated last night, the poll on this blog knew otherwise as Aaron Kelly’s mere 5% of the votes correctly indicated his demise.  The 17 year-old from Pennsylvania grew in confidence as the season progressed and regularly showed improvement, thanks in part to a great attitude and an eagerness to learn from the judges’ critiques (take note, Crystal). Personally, I think the kid has a rock solid voice and I would be thrilled to see a Nashville record label snatch him up and make a great country album with him.  If Season 5’s Bucky Covington can have hits at that format, then I see nothing stopping Aaron.

Big Mike found himself in the Bottom 2 once again last night, which was a bit of a surprise considering Casey James’s poor performance on Tuesday.  The two of them are obviously the contestants most at risk, as neither Lee DeWyze nor Crystal Bowersox have ever found themselves in jeopardy this season.  Next week’s Songs of the Cinema with guest mentor Jamie Foxx promises to be interesting, although I do have a vague fear that the theme is actually another Really Slow Songs in disguise.

Here are a few other random thoughts and observations from last night’s results show:

*  The Sinatra medley was one of the better group performances, if for no other reason than getting to hear Aaron Kelly sing the line “When I was seventeen, it was a very good year…” And speaking of the group number, I just have to mention once again that having to watch Casey James sing without a guitar in his hands is a very uncomfortable experience.

*  This week’s Ford music video was also one of their better offerings.  Singing the Plain White T’s sweet love song “1, 2, 3, 4″ in a romantic French cafe setting greatly reduced the risk of exposure to awkward choreography and goofy faces.

*  Lady GaGa is the biggest female pop star in the world at the moment, and I’ve loved every one of her hits…except for her current single “Alejandro”, which sounds like an old Ace of Base track to my ears.  And although she normally gets a lot of credit for being visually edgy and pushing a lot of boundaries, I didn’t see anything in her performance last night that hasn’t already been done by Madonna, unless you consider getting tangled up in a sheer cape “groundbreaking.”

*  Harry Connick, Jr.’s latest release is called Your Songs, and it’s an album of covers.  So if it’s Sinatra Week, why did he sing the Beatles’ “And I Love Her” when his version of Frank’s “Some Enchanted Evening” is on the record?

*  If you want to see the list that the contestants get to choose from for next week’s show, go to the iTunes store and click on the banner that says “American Idol – Songs From the Movies.”  If Crystal wants a chance at reclaiming the lead from Lee DeWyze, she’ll snatch up the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” from City of Angels. Don’t you agree that could be a real “moment” for her?

What suggestions would you make for next week?  Which contestant is most vulnerable?  And who is going to be the next American Idol?  Sound off below with a comment!