Have Your Parents Kept Your Childhood Bedroom Intact? [AUDIO]

May 11, 2010 1:20 am
If little Ry guy had a penny every time his mom, Connie Seacrest, cleaned his room he’d be, well not as successful he is today, but close.
One in four adult males between the ages of 20 and 40 that live on their own keep their room at their parent’s house – and Ryan is one of them. Although, he swears it is her that keeps the room intact Connie claims her son would have a fit if she turned it into something other than a nostalgic cave of Seacrest.
“You know him!” she said to Ellen K, “He would say ‘What happened here?”

LISTEN | Connie Seacrest Calls In

Many parents have turned their children’s room into a workout area, personal office, library or even as Terry Bradshaw did to Mathew McConaughey in Failure to Launch, a naked room.
While calling from Ryan’s room, Connie goes through his old knicks and knacks and finds some pretty interesting artifacts. From an old “A Night of Romance 1991” prom picture to a “pity” award for Off Season Conditioning Dunwoody High School Best Attendance, Ryan’s room seems like a blast from the past. Just as it was the day he packed up and left for L.A.
It is appropriate to speculate that most men, mommas boys or not, like to have a place of their own to come back to. Whether it is for territorial reasons or used as a comfortable escape, the world may never know. Maybe it’s even for both reasons. People like to be comforted and more often times than not kids run to their room at any sign of unease.
Many milestones have taken place in most young boy’s rooms. It’s where they go when they are grounded for getting detention at school. It’s the place where they got ready for that 1991 Night of Romance, or to practice in front of the mirror for their first job interview. Those shelves hold memories and “awards” even if they are lame. It’s the sentimental value that counts.
No matter what, it is still nice to have a place to fall back on. If everything goes to the dumps, it seems like most men would love to have their own room as a good back up plan. Just in case their launch plan did fail.
“I think its home and that’s where you come back to” said Connie.
With an Emmy on a mantel at his house in L.A. and a best attendance award on the shelf in his hometown of Atlanta, Ryan always has another place to keep grounded in his busy always-on-the-go life.