Review: Free Mikey

May 13, 2010 1:02 pm

Early on in last night’s show, Casey James was the first singer named to the Final Three, which effectively killed all suspense surrounding the mystery of who would be eliminated.  Michael Lynche, the 26 year-old husband and father, received the lowest number of votes and is now preparing to see his puppy once again and breathe in the salt-filled, high-humidity air of St. Petersburg, Florida.  Big Mike was never one of my favorite performers, although he certainly made for an entertaining personality who extended his stay far beyond 9th place, where he would have finished had it not been for the Judges’ Save.

Personally, I feel like America got it right and I’m entirely satisfied with this year’s Final Three.  And if the upcoming “Hometown Return” episode is as gripping as the ones from seasons past, we’re all in for quite the emotional ride.  I only need to see a brief glimpse of Elliott Yamin’s mother crying during his “hero’s parade” from Season 5 and I get all choked up.

Here are a few other thoughts and observations from last night’s results show:

*  All of my friends and family had to endure my obsession with the 2007 film “Once”, and last night I learned that Crystal Bowersox shares my insane devotion to that masterpiece.  Crystal turned Lee DeWyze on to it as well, and that’s how their fantastic duet performance of “Falling Slowly” came about.  If you’ve never seen “Once”, I command you to rent it today.

*  I have absolutely no idea what last night’s Ford music video was about.

*  Seeing Fantasia perform again made me realize that this year’s Final Three is nowhere near being the “worst group ever” when you consider that in Season 3 we ended up with Ms. Barrino, Diana DeGarmo, and Jasmine Trias.

*  Conversely, Chris Daughtry’s performance made it painfully obvious that neither Lee DeWyze nor Casey James can hold a candle to the 4th place finisher from Season 5.  Chris’s vocals weren’t perfect last night, but he sings with an intense passion that’s missing from this year’s final two guys.

*  Does it make you feel old to learn that Bon Jovi has been selling out stadiums for over 25 years?  You have to hand it to these guys…who would have guessed that the biggest of the so-called “hair bands” of the ’80s would end up (according to Ryan Seacrest) “the #1 touring band in the world”?

*  Next week’s episode will feature each contestant performing two songs: one selected by the judges, and one of their own choosing (yay!).  As long as Clive Davis doesn’t show up and order someone to sing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”, I’m good.

What did you think of last night’s show?  Were you sad to see Big Mike go?  If you were in charge of selecting a song for a contestant to sing next week, what would it be?  Sound off below!