Review: Casey Places 3rd

May 20, 2010 12:15 pm

The Crystal vs. Lee finale that we’ve been picturing for quite some time was announced last night as Casey James was shown the door.  The 27 year-old native of Cool, Texas handled his elimination with class and charm, delivering a sweet version of his swan song “Daughters” with that cute little girl sitting in his lap.  Casey is widely regarded as the most accomplished guitar player that has appeared on any season of “Idol”, but I think it’s safe to say that as a singer, he felt grateful and lucky to have made it as far as he did in the competition.  And if things don’t work out for him in the music business, there’s most certainly a lucrative shampoo commercial in his future.

Lots of tears were shed on last night’s episode, but not over Casey’s exit.  The footage shown of the contestants’ hometown returns provided the opportunity for us to witness more emotion from Lee DeWyze than we’ve seen all season, which will probably only strengthen his position as the frontrunner.  Likewise, Crystal cried during her talk with Ryan, as watching the scenes of Crystal Bowersox Day being celebrated while being handed a key to her city proved to be overwhelming.  For me, the most inspirational thing about American Idol continues to be its power to take ordinary, hard-working (sometimes struggling) people like Lee and Crystal and turn them into stars that otherwise might never have been.

Here are a few other thoughts and observations from last night’s show:

*   How about those crazy/obsessed hometown fans?  I loved the woman who asked Casey to sign her daschund, but the guy who planned on turning Crystal’s autograph on his chest into a tattoo was just plain frightening.

*   I was touched by the emotional scenes of Casey being reunited with the doctor and nurses who saved his life after his near-fatal motorcycle accident six years ago.  Kara was probably also moved when the picture was shown of a shirtless Casey laid up in the hospital bed.

*  It’s so easy to make fun of Justin Bieber, but you know what?  He’s got some ridiculously catchy songs…and the kid can actually play the drums!  There may be some auto-tune in the mix, but I doubt his pre-teen female fan base is concerned with that.

*  Travis Garland wasn’t on my radar before last night, but his debut single “Believe” sounded like it might be a hit.  I’m sure Perez Hilton wants to do everything possible to promote an artist that he signed, but introducing Travis as someone who “sings better than Justin Timberlake” only sets up the audience to be let down.

*  After Ryan announced that Crystal was in the finale, did you catch a glimpse of her wrapping her legs around Lee during their excited embrace?  I wonder if he’s more than just her “musical crush”…

What did you think of last night’s show?  Who do you feel deserves to be the next American Idol, and why?  Sound off below!