Katy Perry: Wedding Will Be Small & Not In India [VIDEO]

May 24, 2010 11:30 am

The endlessly interesting Katy Perry stopped by Ryan’s radio show to talk about her new hit single and life with her new fiance, Russell Brand. Serving as a nice icebreaker, Perry presented Ryan with a gift, a pair of daisy dukes and a bikini top. 
She promises fans that her new album, Teenage Dream, which comes out August 24th, is not a complete departure from her last album but does have more substance, more perspective and a lot more subject matter. Her single “California Girls”, featuring Snoop Dogg, is off her upcoming album and, in Katy’s words, is “sexy without being trashy.” Katy actually wrote the song in acknowledgement ofJay-Z‘s “Empire State of Mind”, which hails New York City.

“It’s not a rebuttal, its kind of like a response,” she said. “I had the idea when I was out here in Los Angeles I was seeing all my friends going wild to “Empire State of Mind” singing at the top of their lungs [and] I was feeling a tinge of jealousy, you have to remember California!” So, with that, the Santa Barbara native created “California Girls”, and its been climbing the charts ever since. Her biggest hope from the song? I wanted everyone to book a one-way ticket to California! If you can’t afford the airline ticket, however, you can always listen to it on iTunes!

Miss Katy Perry will be booking a ticket out of California sometime in the future as she hopes to have a destination wedding with fiance, Russell Brand. 

“I hope it to be in a location,” she said, I think its going to be small for right now just because theres so much bigness going on in our lives. Brand, who she describes as an “Oscar Wilde meets Dudley Moore meets Jim Morrison meets a little Elvis Presley meets Charles Manson,” is her accomplice in devious trickery.

Their wedding will most certainly be a major topic among reporters questions, however the two remain tight-lipped about the details after pop-star, and friend of the couple, Rihanna revealed that the wedding would take place in India on Ryans radio show not too long ago. Perry says “Rihanna was confused and [thought] we were getting married in India but I think she got the idea that we got engaged in India wrong. In all actuality, I haven’t told [Rihanna] where we [are] getting married, she said. In fact, the location and the date of the wedding remain unknown and the couple [hasn't] sent out anything to guests.” Time will only tell if the jokesters will pull off the ultimate prank and evade the paparazzi long enough to wed tabloid-free.