Nicole Scherzinger Debuts New Single “Nobody Can Change Me” [AUDIO]

May 24, 2010 11:34 am
Nicole Scherzinger stopped by Ryans radio show today to discuss her role on Dancing with the Stars and release her world premiere single “Nobody Can Change Me.”

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She’s been sharing the stage with competitors Erin Andrews and Evan Lsyacek on DWTS, but she shared with Ryan that shes rooting for them and, despite rumors, theres no animosity on set. In fact, its quite the opposite! She said, “I’m Evan’s biggest fan, he’s amazing and Erin’s awesome-chossom and has legs for days – we totally get along.”

Known for her singing career as a soloist and the front woman for the Pussycat Dolls, Scherzinger admits that being on DWTS is sometimes nerve-racking.

I’m really nervous – there’s a lot to think about with the four different dances, she said. The dancing, she revealed, has done quite the number on her body as well, my shins are torn up and my legs look wretched but I feel awesome, I’ve got a great spirit and I’m really excited.” Despite her unwavering look of confidence on DWTS, she told Ryan she’s “surprised because she never thought [she] could do ballroom dancing before so it’s nice to be able to jump into something that’s really scary and still be able to surprise yourself.”

This is a big week for her on DWTS, as shell be performing two dances tonight and two dances tomorrow for the live finale. She told Ryan that “the judges pick one of her dances, called the redemption dance, and then the other, her favorite, is the freestyle, which is sometimes the deciding factor.” As if thats not enough excitement for one week, she also released her new single, “Nobody Can Change Me” for the first time today on Ryans morning show. The single, which she finished just hours before releasing it, is an empowering [and uplifting] song. In short, the single reminds you to know who you are and own who you are! she said.

Scherzinger addressed all the talk surrounding the quest to find new members for the Pussycat Dolls and her supposed leave of absence from the band. She said, “we’re looking for new members right now but the music Im focusing on [right now] is my own music. I never left the Pussycat Dolls, Im still PCD for life but Im working on my own album right now.”

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