Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze Reflect On the ‘Idol’ Season [VIDEO]

May 26, 2010 11:50 am

Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze stopped by Ryan’s radio show today to talk about how they’re feeling moving on after their final performances on “American Idol.”

Bowersox and DeWyze might be competitors but they’re also good friends.  Going in to the competition, DeWyze said he had his head in the game “but then you become friends with people and me and Crystal have become pretty close so we wish the best for each other.”

Bowersox agreed saying, “I respect Lee and I love his music and I’ll be in line to buy an album of his, and I’m really surprised with myself for making it to where I am right now.”  The massive crowd was also a bit unnerving, she admitted, “It’s a lot of people.  You try just to calm yourself and your inside is shaking a little just from the excitement and trying to keep that normalized is pretty tricky.”

The trickiest part of their last performance night before the finale was “the quick changes,” said Bowersox, “you’re running off stage and into your little booth and [taking] your shoes off, clothes are flying and things are being strapped on you and you just kind of spin and it’s just a strange experience, but I had fun.”  DeWyze shared that the trickiest part for him “was not losing myself in the whole thing.” He said, “It was just so amazing to be up there and seeing all the people that came out to watch and it’s just that you’re doing what you want to do, and you think about everything you’ve done up to this point, and then here you’re standing on that stage for the last time…it’s a really weird experience.”

The two competing Idols revealed what drives them the most, each one coming from a different motivation. “What drives me the most is just knowing where I was a year ago versus now, and [that] this is what I want to do [for as long as I can],” said DeWyze.  Bowersox shared that her drive comes from her son.  “He just deserves everything that I didn’t have.  I grew up basically dirt poor and no one should have to go through some of the things that I have and I want to make sure that he never has to,” she said.

In addition to their hard word on “American Idol,” they admit they’ve had their share of fun on set. “Lee might not think so but he’s kind of like the class clown and has been from the beginning…you crack me up all the time and I’m happy it’s me and you here,” she said to her competitor. Going along with his class clown persona, DeWyze joked, “I’ll look back and laugh about the group numbers because I’m a really good dancer and I’m sure everyone knows that.”

As for advice they would give anyone contemplating auditioning for “American Idol” they both firmly believe that you must believe in yourself.  “Never take no for an answer…if you truly believe in what you’re doing and what you have to say to the world, then you should never ever take no for an answer and always pursue your dreams and be determined and you’ll go far,” Bowersox stated proudly.

DeWyze advised, “I can truthfully say that before all of this, I was one of those people [who said], ‘that will never be me’ and just doubting [myself], and I can say with all honesty that you really, really never know and anything really can happen, because it did.”  He continued, “A year ago I was in such a different place than I am now and, like many people who are probably are listening saying, ‘that won’t be me,’ well it can because I was thinking the exact same thing, so don’t be afraid to take risks and put yourself out there because you never know what will happen.”