BlackBerry Trackball Is Touchy Subject for Ryan [AUDIO]

May 28, 2010 12:02 pm
As a long time user and abuser of Blackberry devices, Ryan took to airwaves on his radio show Friday to express his concern for the departure of the phone’s signature trackball.

LISTEN | Ryan Laments Over the Troubled Trackball

Like Iron Man’s Arc Reactor, the beaming beacon of light that is the trackball is central (literally) to the popular smartphone, but this navigational tool had flaws which led to it’s demise.

The operational ability of the Blackberry was often held hostage by the trackball when dirt would infiltrate the wheel well and compromise the ball’s ability to navigate.

In light of this increasing problem, Blackberry started rolling out their new phones equipped with an optical trackpad which senses the finger’s movement much like the iPhone’s touch screen. The sensitivity of the new trackpads were at first a shock to many longtime Blackberry users, but with time they were won over and now the trackpads are a crowd favorite.

In a recent Crackberry poll, 76% of users prefer the trackpad over 22% who prefer the trackball and 2% still living in the past with the old school trackwheel.