Alex Rodriguez: Line Drive Was Scariest Thing I’ve Seen In My Life [AUDIO]

June 2, 2010 12:30 pm
New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, joined Ryan on the air Wednesday to talk about his blossoming baseball career and his recent line drive hit that landed Cleveland Indians starting pitcher, David Huff in the hospital.

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During Saturday’s Yankee versus Indians game, one of Rodriguez’s line drives hit David Huff  in the head, knocking him to the ground (video below). “It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in my career, I mean, I hit that ball so hard and it hit him right in the head and literally he didn’t move for three or four minutes,” Rodriguez admitted. At 81 miles per hour, “If [a baseball] hits you, an inch here or there, it could be the end.” Clearly concerned, immediately after the game Rodriguez “headed to the hospital to see how he was doing.” Rodriguez told Ryan he was relieved to see that Huff had a sense of humor about the accident. “He looked good and then he joked with me, he actually said, ‘Is that the best you got?'” Huff is said to be bouncing back from the head injury very quickly. “Thankfully all the results came in A-okay, and he’s doing so much better to start his game next week,” Rodriguez told Ryan. 
As for his baseball career, Rodriguez hit his 20th grand slam on memorial day, which put him in third place on the all-time grand slam list. He described it as,  “hitting a seven-iron, perfect, right in the middle, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world,” he said, “when they walk the guy in front of you it’s definitely a mano-a-mano challenge.”
Rodriguez revealed that the starters for the 81st annual All-Star game on Tuesday, July 13th is up to you! By visiting, you can vote to make Alex Rodriguez the starting third baseman. 
After winning the World Series last season, Rodriguez admitted that it was a tough goal to reach.  He said, “That was very exciting.  For me, I’ve played seventeen years and it’s been a struggle.” He continued, “After not winning six out of the last seven years we’ve basically gone home in the first round.”  The Yankees finally had the right formula for victory this time! “Last year, we brought in some great guys, we had great pitching, great camaraderie, and we won the 27th World Championship for the New York Yankees, there’s nothing better.”
Victory takes work, and work he does.  His typical day starts “up in the gym,” where Rodriguez alternates cardio, swimming, lifting, stretching, yoga and pilates, followed by a nap, lunch, and then it’s off to the baseball park around 3 p.m. for game time.  This routine he calls “very repetitive” is the same one that has brought him to baseball greatness.  Keep it up!