Russell Brand: Katy Perry’s “Atrocious” Acting Led To Her Being Cut from ‘Greek’ [AUDIO]

June 4, 2010 11:25 am

In a special birthday interview with newly turned 35 year-old Russell Brand, the comedian enlightened us as to why a scene with his fiancé Katy Perry was cut from the final edit of his new film Get Him To The Greek.

LISTEN | Russell Explains Katy Getting Cut from Film


“We cut it out because her acting was so atrocious it ruined the film,” said Russell, a notorious jokester. “It just made the film boring and rubbish!”

One might assume this is Russell’s payback for comments Katy recently made about him saying, “he’s an Oscar Wilde meets Dudley Moore meets Jim Morrison meets Elvis Presley meets…….Charles Manson.”

The cute couple are set to be married at an undisclosed location inside of October 18th through 25th, as they sent out extravagant invitations asking for people to “save the week.” 

Listen to the full interview with Russell below and be sure to catch Get Him To The Greek in theatres today!

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