Kathy Griffin Confronts Ryan With Her Conspiracy Theory [VIDEO]

June 8, 2010 1:25 am

Comedienne Kathy Griffin was on a roll Tuesday, when she stopped by Ryan’s radio show to talk about her new show on Bravo and her new book. Oh, and she also tried to get to the bottom of what she thinks is a conspiracy between Oprah and Ryan to kill her.

Griffin is as busy as busy can be.  Her new season of “My Life on the D-List” premieres next Tuesday, June 15th on Bravo at 9/8c.  It’s safe to say it should be as irreverent and entertaining as the past five seasons!

Her new stand-up special “Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt” is premiering on Bravo on Tuesday, June 8th at 10 p.m.

She also has a book out called, “Official Book Club Selection,” which is #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.  The book even has an index to refer to the celebrities she makes fun of.  Among the list of names, you guessed it, Ryan Seacrest, who is listed as:  “Not mentioned once in book. Suck it.”

Ryan is often the target of Griffin’s stand-up jokes. “The reason I gun for you so much in my act is, number one, you’re ridiculous, and number two, you are so well known and so much apart of the lexicon,” she told him, “[you're] the gift that keeps on giving.”

To cite a specific examples of Ryan’s taunt-worthiness, she referred to overhearing him say, “What’s up holmes?” to Cameron Diaz, as well as his interview with Conan O’Brien years ago when he “talk[ed] about [his] beauty routine and admitted to flat ironing [his] hair, doing blonde tips, getting mani-pedis, spray tanning and I believe [he] even got permanent die on [his] eyelashes.” We should probably tell you that this is no longer the case.

Aside from the material she’s gathered on Seacrest, she also has suspicions that “[he] and Oprah are conspiring to kill me.” She offered a few reasons as to why this is:

1. “One time an air-conditioning repair man came to my home, who I believe you sent…because he was fixing my air-conditioning and then he pulled out, no joke, your head shot…and he said, ‘oh I was just at this man’s house, do you know him?'”

2. “The time that [she] was doing a very high profile photo shoot [for LA Magazine]” and there was a porta potty in front of her home, where the shoot was taking place, and Ryan pulled up in his car and took a picture of her stepping into the porta potty in full makeup and hair. “Then I look at him, and I thought, ‘I know he’s planned this for years, I know he’s trying to get me,” she said, “It was like a really backwards weird James Bond villain moment…and no one believed me.”

3. When Ellen [DeGeneres'] stage manager told Kathy right before she went on stage, “Whatever you do, don’t make fun of Ryan Seacrest, Ellen loves him.” 

For all these reasons and more, she’s watching her back.  She also has reason to believe, she explained, that her mother is in on the conspiracy. Before going on-air with Ryan, Griffin’s mother warned, “Be nice to that Ryan, Kathleen…you’ve been too darn hard on him.” Did we mention her mother also loves “Keeping Up With The Kardashians?”

Griffin told Ryan that she’s gotten very into twitter to distribute her jokes. “I think it’s great! For me, I love to put a joke out there every couple of days…it is a phenomenon.”

Something that hasn’t been a big topic for Griffin on twitter is her former husband, who she caught stealing from her. “Ugh, that was awful,” she shared, “I have a tattoo that was my wedding ring and now I’m divorced, so jokes on me.”  She explained that she will never get married again, and she’ll definitely never have children, “I don’t like children and I like when they go to boarding school.”

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