Derek Fisher: Khloe Kardashian Masks Aren’t Cool [AUDIO]

June 9, 2010 11:19 am

Laker Derek Fisher joined Ryan’s radio show Wednesday to talk about the team’s big win against the Celtics, and what he thought was bad taste on the part of Celtic fans.

LISTEN | Derek Fisher Doesn’t Like Khloe Masks

During the Celtics game, Derek Fisher looked out into the stands and saw Celtic fans holding up masks of Khloe Kardashian as a way to distract his teammate and husband of Kardashian, Lamar Odom. Fisher did not approve. “I didn’t really feel comfortable with that at all…Khloe is the wife of another man and my teammate, and some things we gotta leave at home,” he said,  “[Go ahead and] ‘boo’ Lamar, say some things about Lamar, but you don’t bring peoples’ loved ones into a game of that magnitude.  I’m sure it was all in fun for them, but I didn’t really think it was fun.”

Karma won that battle as the Lakers ended up winning the game! The win brought out some of Fisher’s emotion. “It was, as you can see, very emotional for me and I was just happy for myself and happy for the team, it was a really big win,” he said, “there are so many sacrifices you make, you know, time away from family, time away from friends [and it's nice when it pays off].”
After losing to the Celtics just two days prior, Fisher said it felt really good to come back and win.  He explained the difference in their two games, saying, “the biggest difference is we lost.  At this level in basketball, when a team loses and you’re in MBA finals, it doesn’t take you long to recognize that you can’t allow yourself to do the same things, make the same mistakes in that next game.  You have to find a way to win it and we made some adjustments and did some things a lot better…we were just mad and disappointed that we lost and we wanted and we wanted to come back and get back on the right track right away.”
He explained that during half time, the team was in it to win it and agreed to “not lose our cool.” He shared that the team said, “Let’s not worry about the fact that the margin’s been cut by six points, lets just go out and win it from here.” That’s exactly what they did!
After their victory, Fisher says it was back to the real world when he “came up to my room and talked to my wife for a bit,” where she informed him “there was a mouse in the pool.” It’s nice to know that even Derek Fisher has to deal with unruly rodents!
Fisher is sharing his wealth of knowledge with kids this summer by opening a basketball academy from July 19-23 for boys and girls between the ages of 7-15.
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