Devon James Claims Tiger Woods Is The Father of Her Son

June 17, 2010 7:30 am

Looks like Tiger Woods might have more baggage than he thought.  Porn star, Devon James, 29, is claiming that Tiger Woods is the father of her nine-year-old child, Austin T. James.  She says that the middle initial is a secret tribute to Tiger!

Although, things seems a little shady. Upon learning she was pregnant, she never told Tiger.  That is, until recently. A source shared Wednesday, “She showed him pictures of Austin, and told him he was his son,” however, “[Tiger] didn’t want to meet the boy, but he did send her gifts for the child.”

James is certain Tiger is the father of her son, a source says, “because he is the only African-American man she dated at that time.”  Despite her certainty, she has never had a DNA test to prove paternity.

Sandra Brinling, James’ mother, doesn’t even believe her!  Wednesday she called her daughter a “pathological liar” and that she “is only out to lie, steal and cheat.”  Brinling, who actually has custody of the child says her daughter knows exactly who the father of Austin T. is. “All she is looking for is to get money from [Woods],” she said.

UPDATE: TMZ has just discovered that the DNA of Austin T. James does not match that of TIger Woods. A source told TMZ that the DNA test was performed in 2002, as part of “an ongoing child support battle.”