The Plan Al Roker’s On To Keep The Weight Off

June 17, 2010 12:50 pm

Al Roker, host of the “Today Show,” spoke with Ryan Thursday about ‘Bieberfever,’ the new “Harry Potter” theme park, his weightloss battle, and his new show.

The svelte host mentioned that he met Justin Bieber at this past “Today Show: Toyota Concert Series,” where he signed his daughter’s cell phone. Roker gushed, “I’m not comparing him to Michael Jackson but there are these people who come along and they strike a cord,” he continued, “I’ve never heard my daughter squeal before.”

The very busy Roker told Ryan that he has a show called “Last Chance Highway,” which is set to premiere this Saturday, June 19 at 8 P.M. ET on the Animal Planet. The show is  “all about a group of pet rescuers,” he said, “they go to kill shelters and they find abandoned pets and rescue them and bring them back to health.” At the end of the show they, “unite them with families who want to adopt them,” he said, “it will bring a tear to your eye but some joy to your heart.”

In the meantime, Roker is in Orlando, Florida doing interviews for the big opening of Universal’s “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” theme park, all of which will air live on the “Today Show” on Friday. “This is a fan bullet and a girls dream come true. They have done a remarkable job on creating,” he said of the theme park, “It is really impressive!”  He mentioned that Hogwarts was especially awesome.

Roker also shared about his health, saying, that after his rapid weight loss following a gastric bypass eight years ago, he saw himself putting some weight back on.  He wasted no time getting his waistline and health back into shape. “I did this detox/cleanse where I cut out all sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and dairy for 30 days and since then I’ve kinda been eating what I consider a Mediterranean diet,” as well as “a slow workout,” which consists of lifting weights in a 50 degree room.  Since then, he’s gone from 46% to 21% body fat. Impressive!

He’s now training for the New York marathon, although he demands,”I’m not setting any speed records!” He started running a few months ago and “was at about a 19 minute mile and I’m now down to about a 12 and a half minute mile.” He shared, “I feel the best I’ve felt in years!”

Roker lastly spoke about hitting the road on Monday, June 21, for his ninth annual “Lend A Hand” campaign, which aids five separate charities across the United States that are in need of funding.  He mentioned that they will be raising money in Nashville for flood relief, as well as “closing in on four million dollars worth” of aid for the Gulf Coast.