Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy’s Big Procedure

June 18, 2010 9:50 am

Sharon Osbourne joined Ryan on air to chat about being a judge “America’s Got Talent,” “Ozzfest” and a very special procedure that her husabnd, Ozzy, is going to go through.

Being a judge on “America’s Got Talent,”  Sharon Osbourne has seen her fair share of wacky acts, but she told Ryan that this year seems to be the best yet. “I think that this year, all the producers on the show went out of their way to find the most extreme talent in every which way and it really shows.”  She was especially blown away with theperformance by Alice Tan Ridley, mother of “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe. “I got goose bumps all over,” explained Osbourne.

Osbourne is keeping extremely busy, as she’s not only a TV judge but she’s also been working on her husband’s annual tour, “Ozzfest.” She shared, “It’s kind of a labor of love for me. I have got great people who’ve done it with me every year, it’s something we love doing.” To keep things spiced up on tour, Osbourne says that this time, “Ozzy going to different countries this year and it’s really exciting because you make it like you’re a tourist again.”

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If there’s anything the Osbournes know how to do well it’s stir up the excitement! Ozzy has recently been approached by a  Cambridge firm, which plans to map his genetic code to find out what’s kept him alive after drugs, alcohol, and bat guts. “They can tell you where you came from…they can tell you every single thing that’s wrong with you and everything that’s good with you,” Sharon said in amazement, “They want to use Ozzy because…they want to see how the hell he’s survived.”