Lakers’ Ron Artest Debuts Hip Hop Single “Champion” [AUDIO]

June 21, 2010 7:30 am
Ron Artest made it no secret following the Lakers’ championship victory Thursday that he was appreciative of his psychiatrist, but he also revealed that he can now release a song he recorded in June of last year appropriately titled “Champion.”

LISTEN | Ron Artest – “Champions”

Artest called into Ryan’s radio show Monday before the Lakers parade in Los Angeles to talk about the track and his experience winning his first championship ring.

LISTEN | Ron Artest calls Ryan on Parade Day

The two-time world champions celebrated with a parade in Downtown Los Angeles today, waving to their fans from a double decker bus. Ron expressed his excitement about winning and says “I want to enjoy it for at least another couple of days.” Ron celebrated the win as well as father’s day over the past weekend “With the family, have some dinner, then you know, went out, hit the night scene in LA.”
Game seven was described as one of the most physical games to date. Ron expresses when he received the pass from Cody Stavenhagen, before he took the 3-point shot: “I had to be ready, everybody was struggling that night and everybody had to pick each other up, so what we did was come together, and Derrick Fisher who was on the bench, gave us another speech and it was history from there. Everybody was ready, Derrick was ready, you know, i was ready and it was all from there.”
When asked about giving the Lakers a 6-point lead in the very last minute, Ron describes, “You never know if the ball’s going to go in or not but you try do the same exact routine that you been doing for years, so, i stuck to my routine and it was ‘money’ “
An incredible defender, Ryan describes how Ron is able to “Rip it [basketball] off the their body” where Ron responds by saying, “I pretty much know the position where your body is, and where the ball’s at, and i know how to get it.”
When it comes to thanking those who have helped him over the years, Ron makes a special thank you to his psychiatrist, whom has been there for him for many years. When describing how much it helps to work with her, he explains “Sometimes when she explains new things, you got to find a way how to trust, how to trust that you can make it happen.”
Ron also describes that in a game situation “There’s so many things going through your mind, as far as the game, what can happen if you win, all the opportunities, what will happen if you lose, then your hearts starts pumping a little faster, and the you like ‘how can i control this to make it a little better?’ ” The art of Ron’s reaction is being able to relax in the centre of all the craziness, action and attention that is happening around him, and be able to move on.
With all the incidences that Ron has experienced in the past and dealing with the game pressure and all the nerves that comes with being a Laker’s Player, he expresses,”I know myself now, a little better. It could be something that happened years ago that’s why I am the way I am, it could be something that happened when I was a baby or when I was 12 years old, that shaped me to how I am now, and part if that is probably from sometimes having nerves.”
Ron feels that his psychiatrist helps him in times where he wants to win so badly that he may even feel ‘destructive’ on the court, and also goes on to explain that “It is important, especially for a lot of young teens out there” where he feels that instead of immediately being diagnosed or told you need medicine, the real thing that the children need is that adult figure, “Someone to talk to sometimes, it’s that simple. As simple as one, two, three.”
When asked about how he feels about Derrick Fisher and where he will be after this season, Ron responds by saying, “i really never ever want to see Derrick leave my team. I don’t know who else can do what he does.” When compared to that of other sportsman and how they go from the all-star to the worst player, Ron tells us how Derrick goes from the all-star to the best player in the league in the Fourth Quarter. He taught me so much, I hope he comes back.”
To add to the recent Laker’s win, Ron had just released a rap single titled, “Champion”. Originally, Ron wanted to realease the single just into the season to “predict what we were going to do” but was told it would be more popular and bigger if it was released late after the season, “I didn’t listen to it for the last three months cause i didn’t want to ‘jinx’ myself, I didn’t want to get too beside myself and I respect my opponent.” However, Ron is very proud of this track and says “I love the track”.