Kristin Cavallari Admits Dating ‘Hills’ Cameraman [VIDEO]

June 26, 2010 2:00 pm
Resident bachelor of the hit series, “The Hills,” Brody Jenner was in studio today to discuss the upcoming final episode of the long running reality show. Joining him on the phone lines were fellow cast mates Kristin Cavallari,Stephanie Pratt and series creator Adam Divello.

The frequently sharp tongued Kristin kept her remarks on the vague side for the most part, especially when asked about her current flame, cameraman Miguel Medina. Stating that he was “unlike any other guy she had dated before,” Kristin clammed up when Ryan tried to get more juicy details. As for how the romance began, Kristin shyly said, “you’re together all the time, it just sort of happens! I don’t want to talk about it!”

When Ryan inquired about whether it was awkward between Kristin and Brody since they were once an “item”, Brody stated that he thinks of Kristen “like a sister.” A sister he once hooked up with? Now that’s awkward!

Regarding the show‘s demise, Brody says he’s “sad.” The cast and crew has become a “big family” to him.

Although the popular reality show’s long run is over, Jenner claims to be “ready to move on.”

As rumors swirl on the Internet about his new relationship with pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne, Brody was ambiguous and didn’t confirm or deny the rumor.

Brody was somewhat evasive when Ryan asked him for details about how the ‘The Hills’ would end saying that he’ll be just as “surprised” as all the other viewers.

Kristin, on the other hand, proved to be much more forthright as she talked about her friendships, fallouts and romantic dalliances both on and off the show.

Rumors that Lo refused to appear on the show when she learned Kristin would be there could be unfounded; Kristin claimed to have spent time with Lo recently, attempting to squash the rumor that the two girls were on the outs With this group though, one never knows, as it has been fraught with headline making drama since it’s earliest days almost six years ago.
Ryan tried to press Stephanie for information about her brother Spencer Pratt’s state of marital bliss (or lack thereof) as the tabloids continue to report that the union between he and Heidi has hit the rocks.  Stephanie claimed to be out of the loop when it came to the potential divorce, while Kristin speculated that she wouldn’t put it past either of them to fake a divorce for publicity. Divello seemed to be just out of the know saying if “Stephanie doesn’t know” then no one does.
While some assumed that the tension between the Pratt siblings was just a front for the show, the estranged relationship continues even when the cameras aren’t rolling, confirming that the tension between the siblings is probably real.
Creator Adam Divello and the rest of the ‘Hill’s’ cast promise an exciting, shocking, and bittersweet final episode. The content of the episode, Divello informed us will contain “stories being paid off…everybody is kind of coming at peace with their stories we’ve been following along. I think a few of them definitely found happiness and found what they were looking for. It’ll be an exciting ending and we definitely have a couple surprises up our sleeves that the cast doesn’t even know about.”
Former ‘The Hills’ cast members Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port will be making an appearance at the finale after show, along with the rest of the current ‘Hill’s’ cast.

Tune in to the final episode of The Hills this Monday at 10 pm on MTV!