Josh Brolin Says Speilberg Intends On Making A “Goonies” Sequel

July 12, 2010 12:30 pm

Actor Josh Brolin chatted with Ryan Thursday to discuss the release of his upcoming movie, “Jonah Hex,” and the epic possibility of making a sequel to “The Goonies.”

Brolin appeared in the 1985 cult classic “The Goonies,” and since then, he’s been confronted about a possible sequel.  Which, from what he told Ryan, might actually happen! “There’s been five different scripts,” Brolin said after a random meeting with Speilberg, “but he’s actually looking for the right script, so i think his intention is to ultimately do it.” Good news for all you Goonies fans!

When asked about “Jonah Hex,” Brolin told Ryan, “It’s one of these comic books that’s not like ‘Batman,’ ‘Spiderman,’ it wasn’t an extremely famous comic by any means, but it survived.” The story is actually based on a comic book which has been around since 1971, and consisted of three totally different entertaining manifestations. Regarding those manifestations, Josh explained, “They just kept changing it to see what would click with an audience.”

In the movie, an important aspect of Brolin’s character is his face being burned by John Malkovich’s character, Quentin Turnbull. Getting in character was no easy task!  Brolin shared that it takes three long hours every day in the makeup chair to apply the prosthetics and makeup, which ultimately make up the burnt face look.

Brolin had an interesting insight into his co-star, Megan Fox, who plays a “prostitute with a heart of gold.” He described Megan as “a truck driver at heart [and] a lot of fun to hang out with.” He said that although he was worried about what to think of her due to her spot in tabloids, “She held her own.”

“Jonah Hex” comes out in theaters Friday, June 18.