‘Glee’ Stars Heather Morris & Harry Shum Jr. Share Details of Season 2 [AUDIO]

September 8, 2010 2:54 pm


Attention Gleeks: Harry Shum Jr. and Heather Morris aren’t just your ordinary dancing superstars. Today, they sat down with Ryan On Air to talk about their lives and new upcoming season on Glee.

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So how did these two dancers land their gig on Glee? Harry explains, “I auditioned but you know, I came on for one day as a character and from there it kind of trickled on.” On the other hand, Heather, previously a backup dancer for Beyonce, simply “came in to teach Cory how to dance.”

It was soon after that producer, Ryan Murphy, recognized both of their talents and handed the character of Brittany (a cheerleader) to Heather and the character of Mike Chang to Harry.

The popularity surrounding Glee has grown tremendously over the past year. So what’s in store for this next season? One thing we can tell you is that Brittany Spears is confirmed to guest star. How awesome is that?

On working with Brittany, Heather says, “It was just surreal because for me she was my biggest idol, but then all of a sudden snap to ten years later, I’m like starring at her in a scene.”

Heather also reveals that there are many iconic looks of Brittany that she will be portraying; however, she insists that she cannot tell us which ones! So not fair. Heather says, “I don’t kiss and tell.” What do you think this means? The suspense is killing us!

It is also rumored that Glee is in the works of making a Michael Jackson episode. Ryan asked about the MJ tribute, but Harry insisted that that show has not been confirmed. However, Harry says, “We [the Glee cast] campaign for it, for sure.” We certainly hope the rumors are true!

One thing that isn’t rumored is the relationship status of these two Glee stars. Ryan asked if the two had chemistry, but Harry joked around saying, “We spoon that’s about it.”

Unfortunately both of them are taken. Sorry everybody!