It’s Official: Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Signed to Jay-Z’s Record Label

September 9, 2010 2:07 pm

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The song’s been burning up the internet and now Will Smith‘s daughter Willow has announced Jay-Z‘s record label Roc Nation as her official musical home this morning with Ryan Seacrest.

Willow, who is only nine years old, shocked everyone in the studio with how mature and poised she was. When asked about what it’s like entering the limelight, she stated, “it’s very very amazing  and it’s very overwhelming…all of the red carpet and the flashes, all the people wanting to meet you…it’s very, very, very overwhelming for a nine year old.”

Ryan asked Willow, who Jay Z called in and compared to being perhaps the next Michael Jackson, “about the her new single and what “whipping your hair back and forth” really means. Willow, “it means, just be an individual.  You can’t be afraid yourself. You have to be yourself and you can’t let anybody tell you that, that’s wrong. ” We can’t wait to see your star rise Willow!

Ryan then asked Willow about her hobbies and her least favorite subject in school: math. Willow told Ryan, “I love fashion, I got this runway kit that I use to design clothes.” When asked about math she stated, “The worse thing is about math, all the kids are ahead of you because they are in school and when you’re trying to do your math they will be like ‘oh it’s easy’.”

The nine year-old’s first single “Whip My Hair,” produced by newcomer Jukebox, has launched to rave reviews. Willow’s debut video will be shot in Los Angeles at the end of this month.  The catchy tune is a celebration of freedom, energy, expression and liberating yourself by “whipping your hair.”

Check out the song below!