Dr. Oz’s 5 Lifesaving Numbers Every Person Needs To Know [AUDIO]

September 10, 2010 1:24 pm
Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

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Face it – very few of us actually monitor our health as well as we should be. Dr. Oz dropped by Ryan’s radio show Friday to discuss the five lifesaving tests everyone should take. From blood pressure readings to blood sugar levels, Oz teaches us how your five numbers can help you ward off chronic disease.

  • Blood Pressure – Control your high blood pressure through exercise and sleep. Sleep is very effective.
  • Waist Size – Measure your waist size (this is NOT your belt size!) Measure above hipbone but below rib cage with measuring tape. You want your measurement to be less that half of your height. Typically, anything over 35 inches is a warning sign.
  • Weight – Utilize diet, exercise and sleep to maintain a healthy weight!
  • Cholesterol – Your good cholesterol, HDL, should be no more than 45. Your bad cholesterol, LDL, should be less than 100. Finger sticks can help you figure this number out.
  • Blood Sugar – Belly fat is the #1 indicator of high blood sugar. Lose belly fat through diet and exercise. You want your blood sugar level to be less that 100.


LISTEN | Dr. Oz In Studio Interview 

While we had him in studio, we also tossed him a couple questions on other topics – check out his answers below!

Q.) Are we born with cancer? Does it then activate at a certain time?

A.) No. We are born with the likelihood of getting cancer. If we aren’’t putting the right things into our mouth and exposing ourselves to toxins, we aren’t helping ourselves out. Diet, sleep, and stress trigger cancer. Oz says, “Everybody who hears my voice right now has cancer cells in their body.” Oz says to help our genes out and live a healthy lifestyle.  If you are diagnosed with cancer after the age of 65, that means your cancer is driven by lifestyle, before 65 it’s due to genes.

Q.) Do the blue UV lights at nail salons cause cancer?

A.) One of Dr. Oz’’s biggest concerns is nail salons. Equipment used at nail salons is usually not sterile since it is almost impossible to get rid all the germs and bacteria on the equipment. The best advice would be to bring your own nail kit.

Q.) Are eggs safe to eat again?

A.) We are never going to know for sure what eggs contain salmonella. Organic or cooked eggs are always better to kill any bacteria!

Q.) How do u know if u have whooping cough?

A.) If you have an unusual and consistent cough for more than 2 weeks, get it checked out. Whooping cough is sometimes accompanied with a slight fever in the beginning. Most commonly associated with young children and adults over 40.

Q.) Are green food supplements helpful?

A.) They are very helpful; however, it is even better to eat dark greens such as kale.It is not expensive and very easy to juice and blend. Broccoli is the most beneficial vegetable since it helps your liver function at high speed!

Q.) Is hair coloring related to getting fibroids?

A.) No, there is no relation.

Q.) What is your best advice for toothless people who can’’t eat salad?

A.) Juice and blend your veggies!

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