The Cast of “Jersey Shore” In Studio!

September 14, 2010 11:59 am
MTV's "Jersey Shore"

MTV's "Jersey Shore"

GTL is the house! Ronnie, Snooki, and Pauly D, from MTV’s widely popular “Jersey Shore,”  joined Ryan Seacrest in the studio this morning, fresh from the VMA’s. The group who’s second season of “Jersey Shore” aired at 6.6 million viewers, discussed girls (ahem Sammi) their famous guido look, and Snooki’s recent trouble with the law.

Snooki, whose new hairdo (bangs) is far from her usual pouf looked especially tan. “I did an extra bronzer this morning,” she smiled sweetly “Nothing fake is on me.” Pauly D’s trademark hair look especially shellacked “It takes 25 minutes exactly. 150 on the motorbike and it doesn’t move.” Last bust not least Ronnie, whose muscles bulged underneath his t-shirt, “I did some push ups for you Ryan,” He joked.

So besides partying on the beaches of Miami and working at the gelato shop, what else is going on in Jersey Shore? In a recent episode Snooki and J-wow wrote Sammi a letter telling her about all the, shall we say not so appropriate behavior that her significant other, Ronnie was up too. “(The letter) talked about Ron hooking up with girls.” “Girl!” Ronnie corrected. “Girls!” Snooki came again, “You did a triple kiss lets just put it out there!” “Man I love Single Ronnie!” Pauly D laughed. Despite Ronnie, “motorboting” with girls as well as grinding and kissing he claims he was just having a good time. He did have the rule of not falling in love during the second season but as we have seen it didn’t work out too well. “We still have a lot of love for each other but as far as us (Sammi) being together you’re going to have to wait and see.”

Snooki who was recently fined $500 and made to do community service due to being drunk in public, says she did learn from the indecent but isn’t going to stop drinking “Hell no! I started drinking at like 10 then around noon, then took shots later.” The judge, was pretty strict with Snooki, telling her that her recent fame has affected her judgment of having a good time and referring to her as a “Lindsay Lohan” wannabe. “I was thinking I didn’t kill anybody, I didn’t hurt anybody, why is this judge being so freakin mean to me when all I did was go to a bar get drunk then stumble a little bit (on the beach).”

So besides the considerable amount of cash that the group is making, yeah we know about that $120,000 Mercedes Pauly D! How has Jersey Shore changed the group’s life. “I get to DJ a lot more around the world!” Pauly D grins. The reality star who now has a couple of songs on the radio and gets to DJ at numerous venues, feels the show has definitely helped his popularity in the DJ world. Snooki is just thankful she has a job! She once tried to work at a tanning bed, but wasn’t hired. It might have been because she marked “other” for her ethnicity and wrote “tan!” Nice Snooki! Ronni claims that the show has given him a lot more opportunities, career-wise and of course with the ladies! “I just got my foot in the door and I want to do something with it!” Well the cast sure has done something already: taken over pop culture by a storm! Don’t forget to catch new episodes of the second season of Jersey Shore on MTV Thursdays at 10/9c.