Did Betty White Hook Up with William Shatner Back in the Day [AUDIO]

September 16, 2010 10:14 am


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Betty White called in to talk to Ryan about some of her some of her past projects, her up coming projects, what it is like to be the new “it” girl in Hollywood, and what really happened with William Shatner.


The first thing Ryan asked Betty was about her old cooking show, Sue Ann Nivens, where she was known as the “sex kitten”. Betty giggled and replied, “well no, I was the neighborhood nymphomaniac!”  Then Ryan went on and compared her to the current  “Justin Bieber” of actresses. Betty replied “You can’t get rid of me, is what you’re saying! I just won’t go away!”

Betty, who has been in this “wonderful business for over 63 years”, is Hollywood’s hottest commodity at 88 years old,  told Ryan that, she can’t get over the fact that she is sitll working and that she doesn’t get tired. “I’m blessed,” she said, “With good health and great energy and I love what I’m doing.” When Ryan asked what is the key ingredient to have such energy she replied, “A positive attitude.”

Ryan then asked Betty about the William Shatner rumors and if the two every “hooked up”. “I was a huge fan, but I never met him until Boston Legal,” she told Ryan sadly. “So you didn’t make out with him back in the day?” Ryan asked. “No I didn’t, darn it! I cried” She said.

Finally, Ryan asked Betty about some of her new books. “I’ve written five but I’ve just been contracted for two more! I love to write, it’s a great privilege,” Betty said.  She also admitted to Ryan she is not sure how she is going to fit it all in the schedule but she just “says yes to everything”,  then figures it out after. Today was also the 25 year anniversary of Golden Girls,  a sentimental day as Betty is the last living star of the hit TV show. “Isn’t that something?,” Betty said, “I just, I love those girls so much. Tthey are still around, they really are.”