Donald Trump: Lindsay Lohan Wanted To Do ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ [AUDIO]

September 16, 2010 10:08 am
Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

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King of the world, Donald Trump, called in this morning to talk about what it is like to build buildings, his show The Apprentice and the mosque controversy in New York CIty.
Ryan and Trump, who have mutual friend Larry King, discussed Piers Morgan, who is taking Kings’s place when he leaves the show. Donald, who knows Morgan because he was on the celebrity version of The Apprentice, said that he really liked him and that,  Morgan is “a great guy”. Trump added that he is also, ” really, really smart” and that he thinks he will do “very well”.


While on the topic of The Celebrity Apprentice, Ryan addressed the rumors of Lindsay Lohan being on the new season. “She is a terrific person,” Trump said, “she’d like to do it, her mother would like to do it…. but it’s pretty much unlikely.” Trump went on to say that Lindsay is a “good kid” and he believes that she will definitely make a come back.
At the end of the interview, Ryan asked Trump about the Mosque situation at Ground Zero, and how he offered to purchase the land to end the controversy. “Well Ryan, thousands of people are protesting all the time and it is not a good situation,” Trump said. “However when he offered to purchase the area at 25% more then what it is worth to stop the chaos, “they didn’t want to do that,” Trump stated. He went on to say that he was not seeing this as a “religious” problem but as a “real estate issue”. “It’s a very serious situation… something has to be done,” Trump said.

Of course Trump also gave us some financial advice and his views on the economy. “The first thing you can’t do is raise taxes right now because the economy is very fragile, it’s weak…you have a lot of people who do international business, they live in this country, they pay taxes in this country but they don’t have to… they will leave!  ” Trump told Ryan. When asked if he saw it going down, Trump said,  that he didn’t. “I don’t see it going down,” Trump said then added, “but I see it staying as it is, as this whole controversy with taxes increases.”