Girl Has Fit When She Sees Justin Bieber Kissing Girl [VIDEO]

September 20, 2010 4:21 pm

Ok so we know that teen singing sensation Justin Bieber has taken over pop culture and the hearts of a million tween girls. The 16 year-old is known for having a way with the older ladies, even Kim Kardashians‘ claimed that she would date the cutie if he were older, and lets not forget the photo shoot the two did for Elle (The Graduate themed).

Now the “Somebody to Love” singer is wooing younger women, much younger, no more than five years old! Check out this blonde cutie, who isn’t more than five years old, react to a video clip of Justin kissing another girl. “It just makes me sad, I don’t like it!” She cries into her arms. Looks like Justin has a fan base of 5 years old to around 30, not bad Bieber!