Patrick Swayze’s Wife Reached Out To Jennifer Grey [AUDIO]

September 20, 2010 4:29 pm
Patrick Swayze's Wife Reached Out To Jennifer Grey

Patrick Swayze's Wife Reached Out To Jennifer Grey

Well there isn’t much of a physical appearance but could it be that both share an “animalistic drive” in their dancing style? Dancing instructor Derek Hough joined us in studio this morning, as well as partner Jennifer Grey to talk about the shows pressure’s of being reigning champ, the assumption that Grey is already a dancer from her starring role in “Dirty Dancing”, and the comparison between Hough and the late Swayze.


Hough claims he’s excited to begin the new season and especially honored to be paired with “Dirt Dancing”‘s Jennifer Grey. But don’t expect him to feel pressured by last year’s win! What does put pressure on him is dancing with the legendary Jennifer Grey, whose 1987 film “Dirty Dancing” with Patrick Swayze is one of the most well known dancing films of all time.
“She hasn’t really danced with any one since Patrick Swayze. There’s almost a responsibility to give people this iconic dancing woman and do something completely different with her!” Well if anyone has what it takes it would be Hough, whom Grey described as a “prodigy in dancing, like a white Michael Jackson. It’s as easy for him as it is to run his fingers through his hair! It takes everything I got just to get through a number!”
But why does Grey see Swayze’ spirit in Hough? “I think we share a similar animalistic drive in dancing and a can do attitude!” Claims Hough, shy at the comparison. Grey confessed Swayze’ wife Lisa Niemi recently reached out to her, “She sent me an email saying she is rooting for me and thinking about me. That made me really happy and I feel his presence now!”
Grey, who danced flawlessly in Dirty Dancing is not “a good dancer, but I am a good actress, I think that’s why people think I am a dancer.” Despite being a little nervous for tonight Grey claims her attitude toward the dance contest is, “Bring it! When I try to be perfect I don’t have fun! I just want to be real and be in the struggle.”
Don’t forget to catch the two tonight on the season premiere of “Dancing With The Stars” at 8/7c on ABC!