‘Tough Love’ from Jennifer Lopez, ‘Broken Hearts’ from Steven Tyler [VIDEO]

September 22, 2010 2:58 pm
Idol Hopefuls Will Get Tough Love from Jennifer Lopez, Broken Hearts from Steven Tyler

Idol Hopefuls Will Get Tough Love from Jennifer Lopez, Broken Hearts from Steven Tyler

After months of speculation, Wednesday morning Ryan Seacrest officially announced ‘American Idol”s new judges panel at the Los Angeles auditions, the last city in the season 10 audition tour.

Following the big reveal, Ryan was first to interview the new trio comprised of rock legend Steven Tyler, triple threat superstar Jennifer Lopez and returning judge Randy Jackson. They were also joined by new ‘Idol’ mentor and chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Jimmy Iovine.

Check out what Tyler, Lopez, Jackson and Iovine had to say about their judging styles, what they’ll look for in contestants and what they enjoy about each other – quotes below:

On the excitement of the new judges panel:

STEVEN TYLER: “Richter scales are going off here in LA.! After last night having dinner and today on the stage, the excitement and energy is tangible. I can feel it between the three of us…and if that’s any indication of what’s up and coming, look out.”

On being tough on contestants:

JENNIFER LOPEZ: “I think inately you can’t help but want to give them tough love in a sense. I dont think I can ever be cruel to another artist because I am an artist, and I know what its like to put yourself out there, be in front of people, and say ‘hey do you like me?'”

“[I'm always going to judge] with a lot of love and caring and a lot of nurturing and honesty.”

On contestants looking up to Lopez & Tyler:

RANDY JACKSON: What’s cool though is you guy will definitely be nuturing and you’re coming from a real place because you could say ‘hey listen, when I was at this stage and I was trying to get it together, here’s what I did.’ And the proof is positive because you’re where you are now, and you’re huge successes, both of you, so the kids have to really listen this time. Because I felt sometimes the past couple seasons we’d say stuff and they’d look at us like deer in the headlights.”

On who has the ‘heart’ on the panel:

STEVEN TYLER: “It’s debatable because I have the passion and the heart, andI’m going to love them to death. So I can say, ‘you’re going to Hollywood,’ but also you gotta tell them ‘don’t hate me for what I say, don’t get mad, get better.'” I will send them home with a broken heart, I’m going to be honest and truthful and open as best I can…and tongue and cheek.”

On what they’re looking for in a contestant:

JIMMY IOVINE: “100% originality. We don’t need someone who loves Mariah Carey and therefore is going to channel her. We need that influence but we want that person to be themselves and be original and do the work. We don’t want karaoke.”

On what Jennifer Lopez was most surprised to learn about Steven Tyler:

JENNIFER LOPEZ: “How soulful he is. I know he’s an amazing rock God, I get that, I know that. But to sit and speak with him, the depth of his soul really moved me. [That] was the impression that was made on me.”

On what Steven Tyler thought of Jennifer Lopez:

STEVEN TYLER: “I’m watching Back Up Plan [Jennifer's movie] and I fell so in love with Jennifer because I watched her eyes and how she interacted with the actor and they really put it across that they were falling in love. I thought that takes a deep soul to be able to pull that off, and that I would maybe someday soon be looking into her eyes…not quite like that. But as most things go in my life, watch out what you dream for and they may come true, and here I am sitting next to her and it’s just phenomenal.”

The 10th season of ‘American Idol’ debuts in January on FOX.