John Stamos: Britney Spears is Hilarious on “Glee”

September 24, 2010 2:06 pm
John Stamos: Britney Spears is Hilarious on Glee

John Stamos: Britney Spears is Hilarious on Glee

John Stamos is feeling the pressure! But, it’s not from what you would think.
Going to the dentist is no longer a scare for Gleeks as John Stamos assumes his new role as “Glee’s” dentist Dr. Carl. The Uncle turned Dentist chatted on-air with Ryan Seacrest this morning about everything from his inside peak of what a day on set of the hit musicial show is like, scoop on B. Spears herself, his knowledge of dentistry, to even Kim Kardashian’s interest in him as well as his lack of Twitter skills.
Regarding “Glee,” Stamos joked the first thing he did upon arriving to break the ice with the famous cast was outright demand “alright, who’s banging who?” Although Stamos didn’t get the break down he was hoping for, he did get a grasp on what it is like to be a Glee star, revealing the cast does take time to sit with one another and discuss the vast amount of rumors and stories the tabloids produce, such as if Matt Morrison trims his chest hair (Stamos didn’t witness it). John also revealed that he “hears she is very funny” when it comes to co-guest star Britney Spears, who he did not film directly with but is featured on the same episode with.
Not only are Glee fans showing interest in John Stamos as Dr. Carl, but so is E! reality star Kim Kardashian who personally e-mailed Ryan himself spilling her fondness of Stamo’s handsome good looks as well as her belief it’s time for her to have a “real man now.”
Glee guest-starring and crushes aside, Stamos confessed it’s social networking site Twitter which he feels the most pressure from. After seeking tweet advice from Ryan himself, Stamos learned to not “overthink’ his tweets and concluded the interview in expressing how he gets from A-Z is no free ride, addressing it is through hard work, some repeated fake sickness, and practicing which helped him score his current role as Dr. Carl which will debut Tuesday Septemer 28th at 8:00pm on Fox.