Justin Bieber Makes First Appearance on CSI [VIDEO]

September 24, 2010 2:23 pm

Thursday night, Justin Bieber took his talented hair-flippin’ self to a whole new level: “troubled teen.”

In reality it seems the Biebs is anything but–chart topping music, dedicated fans, and backseat makeout sesh’s with cutie Jasmin V. But, meet Jason McCann. As explained by CSI producers on the show’s website, Bieber aka Jason is “a troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother — a decision that leads him into an explosive confrontation with the crime scene investigators.”

If you caught last night’s episode and enjoyed Bieber’s latest performance, get excited because it looks like Justin can now add actor to his ever expanding list of skills, as the sixteen year old is expected to appear on the show again as the character Jason McCann provides an emotional story that will continue on later in the season.

To catch a review of the teen’s guest role from last nights episode, check out the clip above and keep your Bieber fever on the look out for Justin’s next appearance on CSI!