‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Says Infamous Brad Womack Promises To Return A Changed Man [AUDIO]

September 28, 2010 4:12 pm
Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Says Infamous Brad Womack Promises To Return A Changed Man

Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Says Infamous Brad Womack Promises To Return A Changed Man

Chris Harrison, host of ABC’s The Bachelor franchise, announced on Dancing With the Stars last night the most hated Bachelor ever, double rejecter (to Jenni Croft and Deanna Pappas), and self-proclaimed “biggest jerk in America” Brad Womack will return to the hit show and assume the lead role as the bachelor again on upcoming season 15.


Harrison caught up with Ryan Tuesday on the radio to dish out his opinion on the infamous and still single Brad Womack.
Harrison revealed to Ryan the decision of Womack “has been in the works for quite some time,” resulting from the lack of filling the position as last season’s runner up Chris Lambton remained unfit for the role. Harrison disclosed the decision came as Brad has been “proving over and over, and staying persistent [that] he’s been going to therapy, been doing a lot of soul searching” and pleading “I’m a different guy, I want to come back and prove I believe in this process; I want to prove to everyone I’m a different man.”

Although the majority of viewers may disagree, Harrison confidently told Ryan he does see a change in Womack and that he “likes the guy;” commenting he does believe he had some issues in the past involving his Dad, not measuring up to his brothers whom are both happily married, and other commitment issues which he will address in the first episode January 2011. As Womack may have pulled a fast one on both Deanna and Jenni, Harrison relates we can’t deny there are simply those successful men who just simply “suck at relationships.”

As Brad may have a case of the relationship fumbles, one thing for sure that doesn’t suck is the success of the hit reality show as a whole. When questioned by Seacrest how the show withholds the success it attains after such a long run in the television game, Harrison confirmed The Bachelor franchise has gotten stronger and “now is as strong as ever.” As to how the show has reached this point, Harrison explains “there isn’t one thing, [but] the producers have evolved with the times; it’s hard to explain why the show makes a generational gap and comes back as strong as ever nine years later.”

Regardless of the technique behind the shows success, Harrison, along with the million other committed ABC viewers, admits “it doesn’t matter if [the couples] are successful” addressing the “audience is so savvy now, they know when you’re faking it.” However, although the booze drinking and tear dropping episodes keep us tuned in week to week despite the real romance occurring, an ounce of success is necessary. As the successful couple and marriage rate remains at a solid 3 couples (Jason and Molly, Ryan and Trista, Alli and Roberto), the belief that the true fairy tale could result remains as a key component in the show.

To see if Womack really has changed, or to confirm he is still the “biggest jerk in America,” tune into ABC January 5th, 2011 to catch the all new season of “The Bachelor.”