Meet Justin Bieber’s Opening Act: Burnham [VIDEO]

September 29, 2010 2:36 pm
Meet Justin Bieber's Opening Act: Burnham

Meet Justin Bieber's Opening Act: Burnham

Pop music is undeniably filled with the tunes of boy bands across the country, but we promise there’s something so different and unique about this one. The new hit boy group named Burnham sat down with Ryan today to discuss their rising success as pop music stars.


The band, Burnham, consists of three brothers named Alex (18), Andre (17), and Forrest (14) all of which are brothers who grew up in Vermont.

So what makes this group work? It’s that they provide something so different than what is out there right now.  In fact, they label their music as “Rock Pop [instead of pop rock] because it is something different.”

As to their music, “we draw from inspiration, but we also kind of make up fun stories that are really cool.”

If you noticed, the brothers are very young, so how were they able to start so early? Burnham explains, “We went to this little music school in our town in Vermont and we just started taking lessons there and learning our instruments. That was basically the start.”

After their music schooling, Burnham caught their first break when they were introduced to “a friend of a friend of a friend who was a producer in New York City.”

Of course, these boys are still living out their childhood. They say they “piss each other off, but we’re brothers.” At the end of the day, they are ordinary teenagers who are obsessed with their music and even girls! But not to worry, Forrest quickly adds, “I’m open” while the other two “kind of got the love feeling going on.”

As the boys move on their journey to pop stardom, they can’t help but keep in mind their dream. What’s the dream? The dream according to Forrest, the 14 year-old vocalist, is “to do exactly what we are doing now.”

So where do they go from here? You can catch Burnham as the opening act for Justin Bieber on his “My World 2.0” tour. Forrest describes this experience as “we are living the dream, man.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Check out “Catch Me if You Can” on iTunes today and check out this bonus video below of the boys running into Bruno Mars and performing a couple verses of his smash hit “Just The Way You Are.”