Justin Bieber Debuts New Video for “U Smile” [VIDEO]

September 30, 2010 1:14 pm
Justin Bieber Debuts New Video for _U Smile

Justin Bieber Debuts New Video for _U Smile

It’s out early folks! Lucky beliebers are getting a gift three hours ahead of time as Vevo has released Justin Bieber‘s new video for “U Smile” ahead of schedule!

Bieber sent out a flurry of tweets earlier today explaining the background of the video.

“So the U SMILE video is almost here…and here is the concept: Every interview every show I get asked would i date a fan….well as a SINGLE guy…yes single…the answer is…yes…i would date whoever i fell for. And that could be a fan. Ao the video is that story. The video is i meet as she is a fan…and i fall for her. i fall 4 her smile…it is the story of me and her..and she represents all of u. So when u watch tonight think that could be us :) when u smile i smile. enjoy. hope u like it.”

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