Aaron Sorkin: Facebook Is Pushing Us Further Apart Socially [AUDIO]

October 1, 2010 12:24 am
Aaron Sorkin_ Facebook Is Pushing Us Further Apart Socially

Aaron Sorkin_ Facebook Is Pushing Us Further Apart Socially

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Aaron Sorkin doesn’t think Facebook is bringing us closer together, but further apart.

Screenwriter and executive producer of “The Social Network,” Aaron Sorkin chatted on-air with Ryan Seacrest this morning revealing not only the film has “[really] nothing to do with Facebook,” but his honest opinion regarding the site’s overall mission and purpose as well.


Sorkin explains “The Social Network” is more a film of story-telling than social media; that it’s revolved around friendships, betrayal, and loyalty. Sorkin also confesses in regards to the different versions of the truth behind Facebook’s creation, that he chose to display all three stories in the film (Mark Zuckerberg’s, Eduardo Saverin’s, and the Winklevoss twins), leaving the debate to the audience to have after the film.

When asked by Ryan if he agrees with the mission statement and purpose of Facebook, Aaron responded “if it’s purpose is to be bring us together….I don’t think so.” In fact, Aaron believes “it’s pushing us further apart.”

“The Social Network” hits theatres today.