Nicole Richie Talks New Book, New Sitcom & New Son [AUDIO]

October 4, 2010 11:46 pm
Nicole Richie Talks New Book, New Sitcom & New Son

Nicole Richie Talks New Book, New Sitcom & New Son

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Author, fashion designer, actress, and mother Nicole Richie visited Ryan this morning to discuss her newest book “Priceless.” The early bird, who claims she gets up at 5 in the morning because, “I like to be alone and wake up,” talked about the inspiration for the new novel. The novel follows the character “Charlotte” who grows up in a privileged lifestyle in Manhattan, but after her father is charged for fraud, she leaves the city of lights and heads to New Orleans to pursue a singing career. “It takes me a while (to think up ideas), at night I write a lot. I come up with a bunch of different stories and then just go from there. But this (Priceless) is very juicy!” We’ll take your word for it!


The House of Harlow designer and mother of two has a very mellow lifestyle compared to even a couple years ago. “My kids are in bed by 7 and I try to be in bed by 10 or 10:30, it’s good to have your kids on a schedule. The morning is my time and in the evening I might go out with friends for dinner.” Richie stayed mum on any details with her relationship with Joel Madden, however she did say her rocker beau is doing wonderful. The busy musician drops his next album “Cardiology” November 2nd.

The newly 29 -year-old, who claims to have grown up taking acting and vocal lessons is also making an appearance on the TV show “Chuck.” “This is my second time on this show to portray my character “Heather Chandler.” The first time I did a lot of fight-training for the role, this time around I also did gun-training.” The tiny size zero star laughed as she talked about the gun being bigger than she was. “I got to shoot guns for the first time in my life and it was fun, but I couldn’t lift the gun up myself, the guy had to put it on my shoulder.” Despite the large gun Richie hopes to make another appearance on the show, claiming she loves everyone on the set.

So what’s next for the reality star tuned mega entrepreneur? “I’m in the process of developing a sitcom for ABC.” Don’t think she’ll give anymore details. “I am in the beginning stages of developing it,” she stayed coy. “It’s about a girl,” she grinned when pressed to give a synopsis.

Don’t forget to catch Richie in “Chuck” Mondays at 8/7c on NBC, and stop by The Grove this Wednesday during her book signing for “Priceless.”