Kim Kardashian Is Ready For Hookups In New York [AUDIO]

October 5, 2010 11:12 pm
Kim Kardashian Is Ready For Hookups In New York

Kim Kardashian Is Ready For Hookups In New York

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Kim Kardashian called in this morning to talk to us about her NYC based reality TV show with her sister, “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”.
“I am so excited! I feel like this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me to just get out,” exclaimed Kim. She also revealed that although she is sexy and single in New York City like everyone else, she is not a fan of the first date.

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“I hate it! It’s so awkward!” she told Ryan. When Ryan suggested she do the “group thing,” Kim told him it’s harder now that Kourtney is “such a mom.”Kim told Ryan that she is so thrilled to be single in the city and what makes it more exciting? “Fall fashion!” She also added that that things are going well with Scott, Kourtney’s boyfriend, “You know Scott and I have always gotten along…I love his parents…Scott has really turned over a new leaf.”

r />When asked whether she would consider moving to New York permanently, she revealed, “I will always have my house in LA. I love LA. That’s where I was born in raised…but I’m the kind of girl if you meet someone, and if you fall in love, you have to compromise.”

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She also explained why there were pictures of her and Kanye and whether this maybe the person she is referring to. “He came by the store! We wanted to show him our new designs of the store.” She also asked Ryan if he liked her outfit from yesterday, as the show is all about fashion. “I got them blown up and by the way in one of the shots, you are panning up and down behind Kanye, you are checking him out! You are checking out his ass!”