Jennifer Lopez: Supposed Feud with Ryan Is Hilarious [AUDIO]

October 8, 2010 11:52 am
Jennifer Lopez Supposed Feud with Ryan Is Hilarious

Jennifer Lopez Supposed Feud with Ryan Is Hilarious

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After weeks of speculation and rumors, Jennifer Lopez called in to Ryan’s radio show Friday to put the final nail in the coffin, squashing any remaining reports that the two are feuding behind the scenes at American Idol.

LISTEN | Jennifer Lopez Calls Ryan In Austin, TX

On diva rivalry rumors between Jennifer and Ryan:

It’s so funny, I’m sure that for the past 10 years on ‘Idol’ there have been moments when things were difficult for people. I never heard anything about feuds, and here I am, I’m there two weeks and we have a major feud, a diva battle, it’s hysterical.

On rumors that Jennifer can’t remember Randy’s name:

They did not write that! How do you goof up Randy’s name that is hysterical. They just want to make me look like a buffoon!

On hitting the road for American Idol auditions:

I just love it, I just love artists and i just get chills when I see someone come in the room, and you’re like, ‘wow, 20 years from now this kid could be a legend.’ It’s just really exciting, I’ve been having a really good time with it.

On parenting on the road:

[Emmy and Max] get to go to parks whenever we travel and we try to give them as many activities as we can, but sometimes they’re cooped up in the hotel room waiting for mommy to get home, so when I get home, I run around with them around in the hallways, hopefully no one minds.

Is there a prize for top diva? Is there extra salary?

Gotta Listen to find out