President Obama Talks Voting Immigration and Date Nights with Mrs. Obama [AUDIO]

November 2, 2010 7:10 am

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In a last minute push to get potential voters into polling booths on midterm election day, President Barack Obama called Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Tuesday and spoke at length about the state of the nation and the state of the first family in the White House. Listen to the entire interview above!

On negative campaign ads and misinformation:
“So much of the information just comes in the form of negative ads, and I don’t watch a lot of TV but I know that you’ve had several billion worth of negative ads playing in media markets all across the country and that doesn’t really give you a good sense of what’s taking place out there.”

On immigration reform:
“What we need is a system in which we’ve got strong border security, people come here legally but it’s easier for people to get legal status in this country. They’re meeting they’re responsibilities and those who are currently here in an undocumented way, they have to pay a fine and learn English and pay back taxes, but can come out of the shadows and participate more fully in the society. That’s something I think would  benefit everybody and it would allow us to live up to our values and traditions.”

Obama’s advice for unemployed young people:
“The most important message I have is make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize your education and your skills because we live in a competition global environment and the more best trained people young people in the world. Not only is that going to be good for them but that’ll be good for the whole country.”

On Sasha & Malia’s Halloween:
“Malia dressed up as a Sour Patch girl and Sasha was a turkey and they were both pretty adorable.”

On how many hours of sleep the President is getting:
“Lately not much. I actually have it set up so that the White House operator calls me and if I don’t wake up the first time, they just keep on calling.”

On if he was offended by Jon Stewart calling him “dude”:
“Of course not. I promise you, as President you’re called much worse than dude. That’s guaranteed.”

On buying flowers for the First Lady a la “The American President”:
“The truth is actually, if I want to go to a florist I could order some flowers and I could pay for it. It is true that if I tried to order them by phone they might not necessarily believe that it was me if I gave them the name and the number, so I might have to go there in person.”

On making his own arrangements for date nights with the First Lady:
“Absolutely. Because she’ll check, if she thinks that somebody else did all the work, I won’t get all the credit.”

On taking his BlackBerry to date night with the First Lady:
“I would never take my BlackBerry to dinner on date night. I would get into big trouble.”

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