Ryan Seacrest Foundation Opens First Broadcast Media Center for Children [VIDEO]

November 5, 2010 4:20 pm

We’ve been counting down the days until we could finally open the doors on the project we’ve spent so many months planning and today it become all too real. Ryan traveled to his hometown of Atlanta, GA Friday to host the grand opening of The Voice – a broadcast media center built inside Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The Voice is the first of many media centers Ryan plans to launch around the country as the first initiative of the newly formed Ryan Seacrest Foundation which aims to enhancing life for ill & injured children through multimedia and interactive platforms to enlighten, entertain, and educate.

“This was a kernel of an idea about a year ago,” explained Ryan in his opening address. “I was sitting with my family, we were talking about doing something like this and we decided to create these studios.”

“We are grateful to Ryan and his family for their generosity,” said Donna Hyland, President and CEO, Children’s. “We are especially honored Ryan chose to start this initiative at Children’s and contribute to making this such a special environment for our patients and their families.”

For more information about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, please visit RyanSeacrestFoundation.org.