Girl Decides She’ll Be Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend In New Music Video [VIDEO]

November 11, 2010 1:56 pm

Say hello to Justin Bieber‘s new “girlfriend” Michaela Wallace. Now, before the teeny boppers whip out their pitchforks, let’s explain.

14 year-old Wallace is a budding recording artist who took it upon herself to express the love she has for the boy wonder in what better way than the medium that has propelled Bieber to international stardom — music!

The near professionally-recorded song and video for “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” serve as Wallace’s very first entrance into the music landscape and it’s doing unsurprisingly well, likely thanks to Bieber’s namesake being all up in the mix. The video has over 285,000 thousand views on YouTube and is growing rapidly on iTunes.

What do you think of Wallace’s catchy tune all about the dreamy Justin Bieber? Too much or not enough? Click here to download “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” on iTunes and follow Michaela on Twitter at @Its_Michaela.