Stay Healthy During Holidays

November 11, 2010 11:49 pm

The holidays are without a doubt a time to look forward to; yet amongst the spiritual season come loads of stress, massive to-do lists, and the persistent flu bug.
To stay healthy this holiday season, keep these simple and short tips in mind when it comes to preparing, celebrating, and even decorating.

  1. If you plan on shopping this holiday season, combine shopping and walking to get your daily exercise in. Try parking furthest away from the entrance your heading to or even pick up the pace of your stroll as you venture from shop to shop. Avoid the tempting escalators and elevators and take to the stairs instead
  2. Another way to sneak in exercise during the holidays? Try walking around block to see decorations and light displays versus admiring them from inside your car window.
  3. Follow your doctor’s advice, and get a flu shot to stop the bug before you’re able to catch it!
  4. Reap the benefits and relaxation of a cosy drink by choosing green tea over calorie rich hot cocoa
  5. Remember to get rest, the holidays are a time when stress is added to your planning, preparations, and already loaded to-do lists. After all, part of a holiday is that it’s a vacation and essentially time off, take the chance to gain more hours in the sack. Or try Dr. Oz’s tip of taking a 20 minute nap throughout your day to reenergize.
  6. Don’t get stressed about decorating or planning, assign different tasks to different family members/friends and make it a joint effort as well as a bonding experience and time to spend with one another
  7. Remember to wash your hands! You are probably more social and out in public areas such as shopping malls during the holidays
  8. Remember the holidays are meant to be fun and joyous, not stressful and laborious. Take time to enjoy the different weather and the tasks which are a break from your everyday ritual such as decorating, wrapping, and sitting by the fire!