This Is What A Life Would Look Like Told Entirely Through Facebook [VIDEO]

November 11, 2010 1:13 pm

With its 500 million users, near ubiquity across the web, and integration into the world’s lexicon, Facebook has permeated life as we know it, if for nothing more than to foster social interaction between friends and archive everyday memories that would fall by the wayside otherwise.

In this new YouTube video, young CG artist and director Maxime Luère animates a Facebook lifespan of roughly 70 years into just under two minutes. It’s funny, shocking and emotional as we follow fictional character Alex Droner through the trials and tribulations of dating, marriage and parenthood.

While all that sappy stuff is fine and dandy, the best part of the video is how Luère masterfully manages to make sense of Faceook’s infamous “Poke” button, and turns it into the catalyst to Droner’s marriage. Who knew the poke button harnessed that kind of potential?