Japan’s New Pop Star Is A 3D Hologram [VIDEO]

November 12, 2010 8:12 am

The Japanese have always been ahead of curve in terms of technology and innovation, but this latest leap has scores of music fans scratching their heads.

Meet 16 year-old Hatsune Miku, a three dimensional animated pop star who has a chart-topping single and thousands of real life fans at every concert. She performed her first “live” concert in 2009, and has since been traveling far and wide to sold out crowds of glow stick wielding fans.

The 5 foot 2 Miku is huge at concert venues but that doesn’t mean fans can’t enjoy her in the comfort of their homes. Miku’s developer Crypton Future Media (a company name straight out of a comic book) has arranged for fans to be able to purchase and program her to perform any song on their computer.

For more detailed information on how Miku works technologically, check out her write-up on Daily Mail.